Høyoppløselig Niklas Lerner

What’s the value of a recruiter? Quite simply, a good recruiter can be the difference between business success and failure.

Business growth and expansion in this digital age depends on the success of many interwoven strategies and plans. The right product, service, pricing, branding, marketing, structure (to name but a few) must all be in place – and all at the right time. But underpinning each and every one of these crucial planks is something many companies often undervalue – people and knowledge. People grow your business. People improve your products. People develop new markets and sustain existing customers. The knowledge and drive of your employees is where your business starts and finishes.

If you don’t have the right people, you’re in trouble. That’s the value of a recruiter – they help you find the right talent, and impart important advice and knowledge to allow you to grow your business.  

Knowledge, advice, expertise

If you want to extract the best value from a recruiter, you need to find one who is a specialist in your sector and whose specialism is grounded in deep experience. A good recruiter will know your industry inside out. He will have deep knowledge of your competitors, the trends affecting business growth in your area and the development skills you will need. A good recruiter is, in effect, an alternative source of invaluable business advice. This specialist sector intelligence can be made to work for your business.

Only a recruiter with a passive job-seeker network offers true value

If you want to grow and expand, you need to recruit the best talent. The best candidates are passive job-seekers – specialists already in a job who have made it known they are interested in a career change but are not actively looking. HR departments don’t have a network of passive jobseekers. Neither do many recruiters. The best new generation recruiters, however, do. These recruiters have developed a mobile-first, always-on strategy for the digital age to find passive jobseekers because only a live network of talent-rich specialists can transform their client’s businesses.

100 per cent reach

Recruiters and HR departments that only engage with those actively seeking jobs are effectively only accessing 20 per cent of the talent market. A new generation recruiter however captures 100 per cent of the talent market for their client.

A good recruiter offers campaigning, marketing and branding to their clients

With social media and social professional networks dominating the recruitment sector, a recruiter that puts up adverts, builds useless databases and conducts interviews is not nearly enough. Great recruitment companies have long realised that in the mobile-first, always-on digital age, recruitment is about building a live network of specialist talent, and giving these people what they need – information. The only recruiter of value today is the one networking, writing, blogging and projecting their own brand values – and the values of their clients – with every message and contact they make. Prospective talent needs to know about a company’s strategy, expansion plans and culture. A recruiter is the best advocate for disseminating this positive message about your business.

Get to know talent better with a recruiter

Locating the right talent is one thing. Convincing them to join your organisation is another. This is where a great recruitment consultant comes. As well as acting as a keen supporter for the culture and values of your business, they can help you get to know the talent much more quickly. What are their personal requirements? What are the needs of their family? Are there commuting problems? Is there a relocation debate? A great recruiter adds value by being on top of these ‘softer’ issues to help turn a talent prospect into a new recruit.

What to pay and the benefits to offer– a recruiter knows best

A recruiter with deep sector knowledge can provide invaluable insight into what you should be offering new talent in terms of salary and benefits. They know your competitors. They talk and network in the sector every day. The know the impact various types of employee benefits make. A recruiter can even save you money!

Never underestimate the value of your current employees

Attracting great people is less effective if you are constantly losing good people. New generation recruiters can help. The best recruiters are mobile-first, always-on, networking specialists. They are out there 24/7 talking, chatting, blogging, and messaging. They will have deep knowledge of the atmosphere and mood among employees at your competitors. More importantly, as they are somewhat independent, they will be able to glean good knowledge about the mood of your own workforce. This sector insight can help you attract great staff –  and retain your most valuable employees!

Recruiters save you time and money

It might be last on this list, but it should never be under-estimated. Great recruiters have the network of talent to help you fill vacancies, sustain business growth and develop into new sector. They are specialist. They know the market. They know your business. They save you time and money.