The death of the employment agency and the rise of the new generation recruiters

The recruitment sector is about to undergo one of the most transformational revolutions any service sector has witnessed over the past decade. Unfortunately, nobody seems to have told the leading recruiters.  As they stumble along with their outdated working practices, a new generation of players are about to render them irrelevant. The world moves fast… […]

last ned

The best recruiters think like consumer marketing brands

To attract the attention of the passive talent in the social, mobile, always-on workforce, the new generation of recruitment companies have realised that the only approach that will work is to adopt the brand marketing tactics of consumer marketing. This means nothing more or less than building a brand and projecting this brand outwards, building […]

Høyoppløselig Niklas Lerner

What’s the value of a recruiter? Quite simply, a good recruiter can be the difference between business success and failure.

Business growth and expansion in this digital age depends on the success of many interwoven strategies and plans. The right product, service, pricing, branding, marketing, structure (to name but a few) must all be in place – and all at the right time. But underpinning each and every one of these crucial planks is something […]

jobseeker meets recruiter

Got a job but need a fresh professional challenge? Looking to progress your career? Thinking of doing this alone? Don’t – talk to a new generation recruiter instead.

In the age of social media and always-on mobile brilliance, the temptation for those in employment to seek out a new job or employment challenge by themselves is often too tantalising to ignore. After all, most professionals have a fully updated profile on LinkedIn, an active FB page and no-doubt a suitable presence on a […]