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The death of the employment agency and the rise of the new generation recruiters

The recruitment sector is about to undergo one of the most transformational revolutions any service sector has witnessed over the past decade. Unfortunately, nobody seems to have told the leading recruiters.  As they stumble along with their outdated working practices, a new generation of players are about to render them irrelevant. The world moves fast… […]

Calling all HR departments – don’t hire talent alone!

HR departments think they’re being innovative by ignoring recruiters and reaching out to potential candidates direct on social networks. They are not. They’re wasting resources. If they really want to save time and money, they must hire a new generation recruiter. According to the society of HR management, 84 per cent of companies are now […]

What’s the value of a recruiter? Quite simply, a good recruiter can be the difference between business success and failure.

Business growth and expansion in this digital age depends on the success of many interwoven strategies and plans. The right product, service, pricing, branding, marketing, structure (to name but a few) must all be in place – and all at the right time. But underpinning each and every one of these crucial planks is something […]

Got a job but need a fresh professional challenge? Looking to progress your career? Thinking of doing this alone? Don’t – talk to a new generation recruiter instead.

In the age of social media and always-on mobile brilliance, the temptation for those in employment to seek out a new job or employment challenge by themselves is often too tantalising to ignore. After all, most professionals have a fully updated profile on LinkedIn, an active FB page and no-doubt a suitable presence on a […]

Nu hittar företagen dig som rekryteringskonsult direkt i mobilen!

Tack vare digitaliseringen har tillgången på information och tillgängligheten av den via mobilen sällan varit bättre! Detta skapar så klart oanade möjligheter att hjälpa Svenska företag att reducera det kanske största problemet för fortsatt snabb tillväxt – bristen (också tillgängligheten) på kvalificerad arbetskraft! Hur då? Genom att göra alla Sveriges rekryterings- och bemanningsbolag mer tillgängliga […]

Your Professional Recruiter Brand – din viktigaste tillgång för framgång!

Coca-Cola är världens största dryckesproducent. De spenderar också mest på marknadsföring. 3,5 miljarder dollar i 2014. Varför? Annars dricker vi något annat istället! Enkelt! Konsumenten har makten! “Recruiting is becoming marketing” globalt! Företag investerar miljarder i marknadsrelaterade aktiviteter för att attrahera de bästa kandidaterna. Varför? Annars väljer kandidaterna något annat företag. Enkelt! Kandidaten har makten! Men hur […]