Our Vision is simple:

“to successfully match job-seekers & companies with professional recruiters instantly everyday, everywhere”

Instacruit is a marketplace for headhunters & industry recruiters globally.  We want to make it easy for recruiters & headhunters to do business anywhere. We do this by giving recruiters & headhunters the tools necessary to reach a global audience with their services, and by helping candidates & companies find their services quickly and efficiently.

We launched in Norway late 2013 and after entering successfully the swedish market in october 2015 we have become the largest network with headhunters & industry recruiters in Scandinavia.

What global problems do we solve for candidates, companies & headhunters?                      

Problems for candidates :

  • The time consuming processes to look and apply for new jobs. Especially for the biggest part of the global workforce, the 80% who are not actively applying to jobs. People interested to find out about their next career move & would be interested to get in touch with relevant headhunters & recruiters. 
  • The access and knowledge who to personally turn to in the professional recruiting & headhunting industry!

Problems for companies :

  • The lack of time (and often experience) to recruit themselves
  • Access to the best candidates
  • Knowledge and access to relevant industry recruiters & headhunters.

Problems for recruiters:

  •  the time (cost) spent on sourcing talent (especially the 80% who are not actively applying)
  •  the challenge for recruiters and heahunters to differentiate, become more visible digitally and market themselves to attract talent & customers.

Problem Solved!

Candidates get: A quick, free and secure way to change, explore & access new career opportunities globally. It only takes 60 seconds with a smartphone.

Companies get: Easy access to relevant professional recruiters with networks of top talent. It only takes 60 seconds with a smartphone.

Recruiters get: More candidates , more customers,  more business faster!

The story behind Instacruit!                                                 

It started about a decade ago under the name “Get Hunted”. At that time mobile technology did not support solving the problems in an easy way – until now! Instacruit was first launched in Norway in 2013 and expanded into Sweden in the fall of 2015.

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